Internet and VoIP Solutions for your Business

focus4IT partners with trusted providers to bring a total solution for NBN/Fibre and VOIP.


VOIP and NBN/Fibre

The NBN and Fibre brings faster Internet connections for business but the migration path can be daunting plus couple that with implementing a new Phone system at the same time, it becomes a time consuming scheduling nightmare. The interruption to your business can be mitigated by using focus4IT to plan, provision and implement your VOIP Phone system.


The old analogue Phone lines are being made redundant as the NBN and Fibre is rolled out. It makes sense to use the faster Internet speeds for a flexible VOIP Phone solution which also has the potential for significant savings on call costs and equipment rental. We can help with:

  • Verify cost savings over Phone lines by moving to a VOIP phone system.
  • Liase with VOIP provider to schedule the switchover at a convenient time.
  • Pre-configure and install VOIP phones.
  • Setup PBX requirements for Hunt Groups and any other required PBX features.
  • Training and handover of Phone handsets.
  • Provide ongoing support as required.

Flexible VOIP plans to suit your Business requirements.

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We can help migrate your Business to a faster connection on NBN or a symmetrical Fibre link. How we can help:

  • Check connection type supported at your lcoation and determine required equipment and configuration. Possible connection types: FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC/FTTDP/FTTD or HFC.
  • Identify current Internet dependancies such as phone lines, modems and faxes.
  • Minimise downtime - Liase with ISP provider to schedule the switchover at a convenient time.
  • If required, organise cablers and electricians to implement new connections and ports.
  • Configure and install any required equipment to support the connection.
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Our Primary Services

  • Managed Services and Support

    • People first support plans
    • Local Helpdesk - Support hours to meet your Business requirements
    • Enabling AI - Using AI correctly to enhance your business processes
    • Server and Data backup monitoring and control
    • Line of business application Support
    • Hosting Services and Management
    • Infrastructure Planning and Procurement
    • System and device monitoring 24/7
    • Asset Tracking
  • Microsoft 365 - Email, data, collaboration and sharing

    • Migration of users from current system to Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft 365 Administration and Management
    • Customisation to suit Business requirements
  • Off-site Backups

    • Server and data backups - focus4IT Data Centre
    • Data encryption
    • Fixed monthly costs
  • Virtualisation

    • Platform and Software as a service migration and development
    • Easy access to Line of Business Applications
    • Back Office and Database virtualisation
    • Platform and Software independance
    • On-site or in the Cloud
  • Business Office